Windpark Königshovener Höhe: From lignite to wind energy

The Königshovener Höhe wind farm is impressive with its 67 megawatts of generating capacity – and its unusual partnership. The city of Bedburg and the energy supplier innogy have already been working together on lignite extraction. Now they are jointly tackling modern energy generation.

The city of Bedburg has long been involved in energy generation. For decades, Tagebau Garzweiler open-cast mine has left its mark on the landscape. Now the town is moving towards renewable energy generation, with its trusted partner innogy. The two are setting up 21 Senvion 3.2 M114 wind turbines on the Königshovener Höhe. The wind farm will have a capacity of 67 megawatts, and at the highest point, the tip of the rotor blades will be 200 metres above ground. So now in the area formerly famous for lignite extraction, the largest onshore wind farm in Germany is taking shape...

Engine for progress:

  • municipality invests locally
  • wind farm saves 150,000 tonnes CO2 per year
  • green energy for 58,000 households
  • wide-ranging renewal for mining area
  • regional added value through local procurement

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Photo: innogy

The Königshovener Höhe wind farm is remarkable for its unusual partnership. The city of Bedburg has taken a 49 per cent share in the project. For both partners, this co-operation is the first of its kind.

Local operating company created, €110 million to be invested

The project is also unusual in business terms. The city of Bedburg has taken a 49 per cent stake in this large-scale project. The city and the energy supplier have jointly set up a local operating company. For both partners, this is the first co-operation of its kind. They are investing €110 million in the sustainable development of Bedburg.

New ground stabilisation procedure tested on large scale for first time

In order to provide optimal stability on the reused mine areas, innogyand the city used an innovative technique. They drove hundreds of vibro-replacement stone columns into the ground to stabilise it – a basic requirement for areas previously used for open-cast mining. This was the first time that the procedure to increase soil stability was tried out on such a large scale.

58,000 households supplied, 150,000 tonnes of CO2 saved every year

The city of Bedburg benefits from the wind energy through a long-term municipal budget relief. And the local residents benefit from that too. Furthermore, it was particularly important to both partners to work together with regional companies, as for example BMR energy solutions GmbH (Hückelhoven), the heavy haulage specialists Wasel (Duisburg) or Zeppelin Streif Baulogistik GmbH (Essen). In figures, when fully operational, the wind farm will supply around 58,000 households with green energy and save 150,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Photo: innogy

“We should all take it as a good sign for meeting the challenges of the future that on the site of an open-cast lignite mine a major renewable energy project is taking shape, energy which our region for economical and ecological reasons so desperately needs for the future. The Königshovener Höhe wind farm is a visible symbol of structural change in our region. I am delighted that we in the city of Bedburg have seized the opportunity to implement together with innogy one of the biggest and most productive wind farm projects in NRW. With this investment, we have not only made a major contribution to the transformation of our energy system, but also will achieve a long-term budget relief, which in the end will benefit all the citizens of Bedburg.“

Sascha Solbach, Mayor of the city of Bedburg

“Königshovener Höhe wind farm is a model project, closely reflecting our strategy: reliable and sustainable partnerships, the additional interaction between renewables and lignite, the extension of wind power as part of the NRW Climate Protection Programme and the transformation of the energy system. My special thanks go to the city of Bedburg for their exemplary co-operation and the confidence they have placed in us. Through our 21 wind turbine generators, we can jointly make use of the excellent wind conditions on Königshovener Höhe to provide climate-friendly energy to, in terms of figures, some 58,000 households every year. The 12,000 households of the city of Bedburg could be 100 per cent supplied from our own wind farm.“

Hans Bünting, Manging Director, innogy

Partners and sponsors

  • innogy Windpark Bedburg GmbH& Co.KG
  • Stadt Bedburg
  • innogy