The Recycling Professionals: From a throwaway society to a recyclable materials society

In Germany alone, an additional 7.8 million tonnes of recyclable materials could be recovered from municipal waste per year. The material and energetic use of such an amount would result in greenhouse gas savings of 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year. 2.7 million tonnes of recycled raw materials could be generated. In order to increase this great potential, the separation of waste in private households must be improved. The project called "DIE WERTSTOFFPROFIS" (The Recycling Professionals) is addressing this and teaches children and teenagers about the responsible use of scarce resources.

The “DIE WERTSTOFFPROFIS” project by REMONDIS relies on raising the awareness of children and teenagers at an early age through clear and partly playful learning experiences. In doing so, the entire waste hierarchy is taken into consideration: From the prevention of waste to the longest possible period of use or reuse, from the recycling of materials to energy recovery and disposal.

Engine for progress:

  • the only holistic education project on recyclable materials
  • free-of-charge to schools and kindergartens
  • raising early awareness among children and teenagers
  • climate protection in private households

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The First Holistic Education Project for Recycling and Resource Conservation

The training concept was developed in 2013 according to the latest didactic knowledge together with experienced teachers and is available free-of-charge to kindergartens, primary schools and soon to lower secondary schools classes too. Complete learning folders, posters and group work are available to interested parties. Outside of class, the lessons learned can be reinforced in a playful manner: A learning game about waste complements the educational materials.

Learning Through Play on the Stage

In addition to this, a free educational theatre can be booked. Here, knowledge is imparted in the form of an interactive stage programme. This somewhat different kind of lesson on the subject of waste is taught by educators with acting experience. They explain the importance of conserving resources in an entertaining and clear manner, and take the children and teenagers on an interactive journey into the world of reusable materials and recycling.

The educational theatre has a modular structure, so that it can always be adapted to the target group and specific interests under local conditions. Kindergartens and schools are provided with preliminary material such as song lyrics, hidden-object posters and announcement posters. It is no wonder that the theatre show was fully booked out in 2015.

Education Outside of School

DIE WERTSTOFFPROFIS are also on the go with a large repertoire of activities at other events. Here, smaller games or craft activities are also offered. If a little more time is available, video projects can be carried out or sculptures can be built from avoidable waste. Both of these were also received enthusiastically by the participants at the Kids Climate Conference KlimaExpo.NRW Project in Medebach

Photo: Remondis

"Knowledge is the best raw material! It is precisely for this reason that we created our DIE WERTSTOFFPROFIS educational project. We want to teach the importance and necessity of resource conservation and recycling and make children and teenagers aware of responsible action at any early stage."

Johanna Spinn, Head of Marketing/Corporate Communication

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