TVG Holsterhausen: Sporting performance for climate protection

The Turnvereinigung Holsterhausen 1893 e.V. is a traditional sports club, which has been located in Essen-Holsterhausen for over 120 years. Based on its convictions, TVG Holsterhausen was one of the first Essen sports clubs to implement a range of climate protection measures and therefore plays a pioneering role in the field of climate protection. In particular, the 2007 restoration and the new construction of the health clinic, both to passive house standard, contributed to Stadtwerke Essen presenting the club with the Essen Environmental Award in 2008.

The TVG's health centre was renovated to be environmentally and climate-friendly, based on an integrated approach: The roofing and the courtyard benefit from wood as an ecologically sustainable material. In addition to this, roof greening was achieved in the courtyard, which has improved the micro-climate. Cellulose and foam glass gravel, raw materials made from recycled materials, insulate the entire building and even conform to the passive house guidelines. All windows have been replaced with triple-glazed windows and the ventilation technology has been upgraded with heat recovery: This allows 80 per cent of the heat from waste air to be added to the fresh air supply. Overall, the energy-saving upgrade has been worth it. Through the conversion of old buildings as well as fitting out the new building, the club uses 50 per cent less energy to heat the buildings and has fallen below the passive house norm by nearly 25 per cent.

Engine for progress:

  • the club plays a pioneering role in climate and environmental protection
  • ecologically sustainable materials used
  • ventilation technology upgraded with heat recovery
  • triple-glazed windows
  • supports the development of new service structures and generates growth in membership

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Photo: TVG Holsterhausen

TVG Holsterhausen 1893 e.V. sports club achieved passive house standard in both of its buildings by renovating the existing structure and by constructing a new one, thus making a contribution to climate protection as a club.

Learning effects within the club

Through the measures and the associated low energy costs, the club has made big savings and can use its commitment as a unique selling point and image advantage to stand out from other clubs. The members benefit from improved air quality and the more pleasant temperature on the premises too. The club is also an excellent place of education, it informs its members about climate protection measures and invites interested parties to learn more about the environmentally friendly construction, for example, through guided tours on-site or via its Internet presence.

Photo: TVG Holsterhausen

"The primary responsibility of our sports club is to make the peaceful coexistence of people a real experience. This includes the inner and the outer worlds. Climate protection is therefore an internal matter for our club."

Peter Weir, 1st Chairperson, TVG. Holsterhausen 1893 e.V.

Partners and sponsors

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