StreetScooter: E-mobility without frills

One million electric vehicles should be running on German roads by 2020. But electric mobility is lagging behind the targets: Many buyers still shy away from the higher cost for these, still limited-range, vehicles. So why not build affordable electric cars for local commuters? The Street Scooter GmbH shows how this can be done.

One million electric vehicles should be running on German roads by 2020. This is the target of the German Federal Government. But the reality is sometimes different: 13,000 electric vehicles are currently in circulation, including 1,300 in NRW (as of 2013). As Prof. Achim Kampker emphasises: "We must carry through this technology by making it more affordable". The researcher from the RWTH Aachen University knows what he is talking about, and consistently works towards his vision: To achieve the reduction of costs, he has designed a completely new electric car: the Street Scooter.

Engine for progress:

  • new concept of e-mobility
  • creation of more than 60 jobs
  • interdisciplinary research network
  • series production will start in 2015
  • acquisition by Deutsche Post

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Photo: Deutsche Post DHL

The Work model comes under the category of commercial vehicles and is used in logistics and transportation of waste or tools.

And formed a company at that: From a network of expertise from over 80 companies and research institutions working together on sustainable mobility concepts, Kampker has founded the Street Scooter GmbH, which he now leads. A traditional car manufacturer was consciously not involved in the consortium, in order to break with old patterns of thinking. For the first model, a van has been designed for inner city service in fleet operations, the Street Scooter WORK.

50 vehicles in the fleet test, doors: Superfluous!

The Aachen based company has halved the typical development time for an electric vehicle, with the Street Scooter series, and clipped the development costs down to one tenth. This is how it works: Only what the customer really needs is built. "We produce more efficiently than the competition," adds Kampker. The company has supplied some 50 vehicles for a fleet test with Deutsche Post (the German post office). Here, the company has partially left out radios and doors. For a postman, who gets in and out of his vehicle hundreds of times per day, a van door is in actual fact an obstacle.

Series production is starting with 1,500 e-vehicles being cost-effectively produced

Street Scooter is developing product and production in parallel. To date, everything has been done by hand. But from this year (2015), the company goes into series production. This will allow 1,500 Street Scooters to be produced annually. And Kampker needs to be quick, as demand is increasing. Deutsche post was so impressed that it simply bought the company outright. Initially, however, everything will remain the same, but before long the Street Scooter could reach the general public: By the end of 2015 at the latest, the first private cars will be presented.

StreetScooter Aachen project video

Video: KlimaExpo.NRW

Photo: StreetScooter GmbH

„There are too many doubters in Germany and too few, who simply try it out and promote it."

Prof. Achim Kampker, Head of the Department of the StreetScooter GmbH, Aachen

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