mobil4you: Closing mobility chains in rural areas

Local public transport in rural areas has never had it easy. Due to demographic change, the financially important core business of school transport is also shrinking increasingly, even though it is enormously important for climate protection to have an alternative to cars outside of the cities too. With electric buses, innovative information points and "mobility mentors", Regionalverkehr Ruhr-Lippe GmbH regional transport company is working to counteract this trend.

Regionalverkehr Ruhr-Lippe's aim is to maintain public transport and to prevent the users from switching to personal motorised transport. This aim is being actively pursued by increasing attractiveness and is also specifically designed to be climate-friendly. Since 2012, measures have been implemented step by step.

Engine for progress:

  • increasing attractiveness prevents users from switching over to using cars
  • a pioneer for electric mobility in rural areas
  • closed mobility chains in rural areas
  • removing barriers through mobility mentors

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Photo: Peter Dahm

The District of Soest, Hochsauerland District, DB Westfalen Bus GmbH and Regionalverhehr Ruhr-Lippe GmbH are developing mobility solutions for rural areas. Several building blocks are being tested in the Mobil4You project. 

First e-buses in NRW – Despite Difficult Conditions

"MedeBus" and "WinBus" are new lines in Medebach and Winterberg that are serviced by electric buses. Since January 2013, small, agile buses have been on the road, that have room for eight passengers and primarily connect residential areas to the local centres. In particular, the new buses offer elderly people the opportunity to do their shopping or visit the doctor using public transport.

The buses are prototypes which are being extensively tested here. In Winterberg in particular, with its hilly profile and winters that are colder than average (which adversely affects the range of the buses), the project demonstrates that e-mobility can also be used under these conditions. All of the buses are operated using green electricity.

The Entire System at a Glance: Mobility Stations

Multimodal mobility stations are being set up in Medebach and Werl. In future, comprehensive information regarding buses and trains as well as complementary means of transport will be made available for the entire mobility chain. Users can change over to continue their journey at the stations: Electric short-distance vehicles (including e-bikes) will be loaned, charged and repaired.

"Mobility Mentors" Provide Tips on Using Buses and Trains

Voluntary mobility mentors are active in the Hochsauerland District and in the District of Soest. They are available to support their fellow citizens with information and advice on the subject of public transport. The mentors give personalised advise in your local area and provide tips on using buses and trains. The service is free and can be used by everyone. Well over 1,000 consultations have already been provided.

All measures implemented within the context of the mobil4you project are regularly evaluated and their acceptance is assessed in regard to their transferability to other locations.

project video: mobil4you 


Photo: RLG

"Mobility in rural areas can be so much more than just car mobility. With the measures implemented by the Mobil4You project, we are trying to sustainably develop the existing mobility services and are testing new solutions. This serves the citizens, their future and the environment."

Gregor Speer, RLG / Project Manager mobil4you

Partners and sponsors

  • Regionalverkehr Ruhr-Lippe GmbH
  • Hochsauerlandkreis
  • Kreis Soest
  • DB Bahn Westfalenbus
  • Südwestfalen Agentur (Kooperationspartner Netzwerke und Präsentationen)
  • Landesregierung NRW