More climate protection through participation: Corporate climate protection from the tool kit

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to manage their businesses in a sustainable way and to make their processes more climate-friendly. Employees who are sensitive to and well-informed on the issues in question play a particular role. Efficiency consulting sessions and the introduction of appropriate management structures are a good way of getting the workforce systematically and consistently involved. The “More climate protection through participation” project at North Rhine-Westphalia’s TBS (Technologieberatungsstelle, or technical advice centre) provides more than 60 tools and documents for this purpose.

A great deal of potential for efficiency and climate protection still remains untapped in many companies, because the workforce is not brought on board. To counteract this problem, more than 60 participation tools were developed in the “More climate protection through participation” project; these were designed to get the employees for whom support was being provided to participate more fully in the processes of corporate climate protection.

Engine for progress:

  • New impulses to increase the potential for efficiency in companies
  • Extensive tool kit to download
  • Wide field of application

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Source: Mehr Klimaschutz durch Beteiligung

The participation tools that have been developed, which will lead to more climate protection in companies, are presented in the project handbook. There are a total of around 60 theoretical and practical documents. 

Comprehensive materials promote corporate climate protection

With the support of corporate consultants from WertSicht GmbH, among others, potential ways of getting employees involved in the areas of the environment, sustainability, and energy and resource efficiency were identified. In collaboration with the consultants, members of the works council and other stakeholders from eight different companies in NRW, the project developers devised and tested strategies and concepts which were aimed at bringing the workforce on board and providing them with information. In the process, numerous tools emerged that can be used in various corporate sectors. The repertoire ranges from informative background papers and brochures, to check lists for the different groups of people involved, designs for workshop and consultation sessions, right up to sets of slides, posters, postcards and methods of facilitation. Some of the documents are designed for the company’s own advisors to train themselves, others to motivate and provide information for the workforce. Specific materials are also provided for members of the works council.

A participation handbook for everyone

Interested companies and advisors can access information on the project website and also seek advice from the project participants. The participation tools are presented in a structured way in a handbook. The documents developed are available to the public to download and have been released for general use. They have been developed with a view to easy transfer and can now be widely used in practice.

TBS beim DGB NRW e.V.

Photo: TBS / DGB NRW e.V.

"From now on, companies will be able to organise sessions to get employees involved in resource efficiency and improvement processes in a much more targeted and effective way using the participation tools developed in the project. This will drive the companies forward in terms of their products and internal processes and promote climate protection in a sustainable way."
Dr.-Ing. Bernd Groeger, Technologieberatungsstelle (technical advice centre) at the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB)

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