“Energiewende learning experience”: The climate always takes centre stage

How do you teach young people about the Energiewende? The subject is very comprehensive and complex, and young people need appealing learning resources and teaching methods. The “Energiewende learning experience” infotainment event creates this with a mix of show, theatre and lessons – for up to 300 enthusiastic participants per performance.

In a national pilot project, funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (federal environmental foundation), FS Infotainment has developed a learning concept for pupils in secondary education. The aim is to provide them with a vision of the Energiewende – the transformation of the energy system. The modular structure also allows the concept to be used in an extracurricular environment.

Engine for progress:

  • raises awareness among the difficult target audience of “young people”
  • activates larger groups
  • is self-supporting and safeguards jobs

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Photo: FS Infotainment

Renewable energy generation with biomass, photovoltaics, water and wind energy - teaching the core content. 

Interactive, multi-media and emotional

A number of topics are covered: climate change, energy and the various forms of renewable energy generation, efficiency, stakeholders and opportunities for action, etc. The format specifically developed for this is an educational theatre that is cutting-edge in terms of teaching methods, which not only uses a mix of show and quiz elements along with group learning to teach content in an interactive and multi-media manner, but also appeals to the emotions. Professional moderators take approx. 90 minutes to prepare the initial content with groups of up to 300 pupils, with the focus on giving them important points of encouragement. The programme is designed to be a supplementary basic module to the energy-saving lessons that already exist in schools.

Market success

The teaching concept has since become a business model. Companies and municipalities are now able to book the programme for their local schools. Demand is particularly high among those companies that operate in such areas, e.g. municipal utilities. It is already possible to book the programme for a one-off performance. Climate days and weeks can be held, for example, along with extra-curricular project events. Feedback from both teachers and pupils has been very positive. The Energiewende learning experience is proving to be increasingly successful and is thus creating jobs.

Photo: FS Infotainment

“I personally regard the Energiewende as one of the most important social projects currently in existence; something to which everyone can make their own individual contribution. Whether young or old, all of us citizens are in the same boat! I have reacted to this challenge in my own way and am attempting to be an active educator!”

Friedhelm Susok, entertainer and managing director

Partners and sponsors

  • FS Infotainment
  • EnergieAgentur.NRW
  • Verband kommunaler Unternehmen (VKU)
  • thüga-Gruppe
  • Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt