KonWerl Centre: Info centre with a renewable energies park

On the site of the former military airbase in Werl, the KonWerl centre provides information on the topic of "Saving Energy – Reducing Costs – Protecting the Environment". The public institution in the District of Soest reaches the people via info events, magazines and by providing contacts to craftsmen and energy consultants. An adjoining renewable energies park demonstrates the transformation of the energy system to people in a very immediate manner – and supplies the KonWerl centre with wind power, solar and bioenergy.

The KonWerl centre in Werl is an important cornerstone of the transformation of the energy system: At regular events, property owners, building contractors and other interested parties can obtain independent and neutral information on the topic of renewable energies, the rational use of energy and the corresponding funding programmes. And the KonWerl centre is also available where implementation is concerned: The public institution of the City of Werl and the District of Soest provides contacts to local skilled craft specialists and energy consultancy.

Engine for progress:

  • free information from a single source
  • use and integration of renewable energies
  • providing contacts to experts
  • good location conditions for start-up companies
  • savings of 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per year

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Photo: Henrik Streubel

With its conversion in 2002, KonWerl Zentrum GmbH moved in as the owner of the centre by the same name and is the climate protection and energy centre in the District of Soest. Since then, everything has revolved around the complex topics of "Renewable Energies" and "Energy Efficiency".

An Info Magazine in High Demand, a Children's Magazine that Raises the Awareness of Young People

Four times a year, the KonWerl centre also publishes a free info magazine called "EnergieZumAnfassen" (Energy Close Up). With a circulation of 5,000 copies, the publication shows how energy can be saved and renewable sources of energy can be used. The biannual "Sanieren mit Zukunft im Kreis Soest" (Renovation with a future in the District of Soest) information sheet is devoted to the large stock of old dwellings in the District of Soest and describes measures for energy-saving building renovations building planning that takes the needs of all generations into consideration.

The children's magazine, "SPARKI – Klimaschutz und Energiesparen mit Spaß" (SPARKI – Fun climate protection and energy savings) is published twice a year with a circulation of 7,000 copies. The magazine is distributed to schools, for example, and is designed to fuel climate awareness among young people. The magazines are also available online and are very popular: Up to 31,000 downloads per month have aroused the interest of other municipalities. This is why the KonWerl centre is currently working on a transfer concept.

Renewable Energies Provide Power and Heat

Furthermore, the KonWerl centre is operated in a climate-friendly manner: Energiepark KonWerl supplies the technology centre and adjacent residential and commercial buildings with green energy. The system is comprised of three installations: a photovoltaic system (23 kWp output) on the roof, a biomass CHP plant belonging to STEAG New Energies GmbH, as well as an off-site wind turbine with a capacity of 1.8 MW.

The biomass CHP plant alone, which is primarily fired with regional fuels, can supply 750 households with electricity (3 million kilowatt-hours) and 850 households with heat (15 million kilowatt-hours). In total, the park produces enough energy to save more than 7,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. In addition to four permanent jobs at the biomass CHP plant and the KonWerl centre, a climate-friendly commercial and residential area has been developed on the former wasteland.

Good Location Conditions for Environmentally Responsible Companies

Due to its proximity to the city centre and the technology centre's existing contacts with universities, funding bodies, district craftsmen's guilds and financial institutes, the commercial area offers good location conditions for office, production or laboratory spaces, especially for young and environmentally conscious companies.


Photo: Stadtwerke Werl GmbH

"Awareness-raising does not mean "learning", but rather "internalising"!"

Jörg Karlikowski, Dipl.-Ing. (Managing Director of KonWerl Zentrum GmbH)

Partners and sponsors

  • Stadt Werl
  • Steag New Energies GmbH
  • Technologie- und Wissenstransfer im Kreis Soest e.V
  • Kreis Soest
  • Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtentwicklung Werl mbH
  • GIH Rhein-Ruhr e.V
  • Siemens AG
  • Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit (BmUB)
  • EU-Förderung

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