KlimaTour Eifel: Climate-friendly holidays

The KlimaTour Eifel initiative sensitises tourists and regional stakeholders to climate-friendly holiday and leisure activities. A prime example for other eco-tourism initiatives.

More and more tourist are visiting the Eifel region: The number of visitors is increasing. North Rhine-Westphalia State Statistics Office recorded more than 2.5 million overnight stays in the tourism region of Eifel and Aachen in the last year alone. The Naturpark Nordeifel tourism region discovered their visitors' interest in climate protection and brought the "KlimaTour Eifel" – Climate Protection and Tourism Network" project to life.

Engine for progress:

  • develops a regional climate protection network
  • demonstrates climate-friendly hosts, package offers and the regional quality brand
  • the guest ticket enables climate-friendly arrival and departure
  • calculates the CO2 consumption of various travel options
  • shows barrier-free/target group-related nature experiences, arrival and accommodation

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Photo: F.Schmidt

The regional brand on the Eifel balloon: "Quality is our nature".

The special project is adapted to changing customer needs: KlimaTour Eifel makes tourists and regional participants aware of climate protection topics and opportunities to save within local tourism as well as helping them to implement measures and behaviour changes.

Climate-friendly package offers, products and leisure activities

Therefore, the region is building a climate protection network within its boundaries as well as developing and advertising climate-friendly package offers, among other things with climate-friendly hosts. In addition to this, KlimaTour Eifel has initiated a free public transport ticket for overnight visitors. Leisure activities such as hiking tours, cycle tours and experience tours are organised in such a way, that as few greenhouse gases as possible are generated.

On the website, visitors are informed about climate-friendly offers and products in the Eifel region. Using a CO2 calculator, visitors can calculate their emissions and – if they like – can compensate for these too.

A prime example of eco-tourism

The KlimaTour Eifel initiative serves as a model for eco-tourism and has the potential to drive similar projects forward. As one of the first projects of its kind in Germany, KlimaTour Eifel has prevailed in the "Erlebnis.NRW – The best ideas for tourism and nature experiences in NRW" competition.

Photo: Privat

“With the KlimaTour Eifel initiative, the North Eifel Nature Park and its partners have picked up on the spirit of the times. It is important to more and more Germans that their holidays should be as resource-efficient as possible. Furthermore, climate-friendly leisure activities are an excellent addition to the natural experience offered by the Eifel region.”

Nadine Rathofer, KlimaTour Eifel project team member

Partners and sponsors

  • Naturpark Nordeifel e.V
  • EU-Förderung
  • Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie, Industrie, Mittelstand und Handwerk (MWEIMH)