Recklinghausen: Climate protection is catching on

Recklinghausen is serious about promoting climate protection at schools and nurseries. Educational activities are focused and coordinated centrally under the slogan “Klimaschutz macht Schule” (“Climate Protection is Catching On)”. This helps to link numerous issues, institutions and stakeholders. By now, over 30 schools and nurseries in the city are raising awareness of climate protection.

The climate protection manager in the municipal education office supports educational institutions and provides consultation, networking and training. The project involves external educational institutions, which ensures that didactically approved programmes can be created for all types of schools. Energy-saving detectives from the consumer advice centre are also involved, as well as the NaturGut Ophoven environmental centre; there is also an energy box containing various measuring instruments and materials.

Engine for progress:

  • project for all types of schools and stakeholders
  • cooperation with experienced external partners
  • reaches out to many children and adolescents on a regular basis
  • promotes motivation and creativity in regard to climate protection

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Photo: Andrea Jansen

The first encounter with wind power. Knowledge and understanding are conveyed by building the wind turbines.
The full-scale turbines in the landscape are then perceived differently.

Educators, parents, and janitors are specifically trained, with the assistance of expert advisors; e.g. NaturGut Ophoven offers training opportunities for educators, and RWE organises training for janitors. “Energy tours”, climate action days, climate weeks and theatre productions, which are held on a regular basis, make people aware of the issue of climate protection time and again.

Fertile Ground for Creativity

The “Climate Protection is Catching On” programme is an example of how comprehensive involvement of stakeholders and a broad basis in educational institutions can generate new ideas. For example, within the framework of “students learning from students”, secondary school students share their knowledge with primary school students at special stations. Energy-saving tips are even being developed by pre-school children, who have published their tips for saving energy in an advent calendar; Christmas tree decorations are made of recycled material; a rap song has even been written about the climate at one participating family centre.

Firmly Rooted in Schools

The first participants can now be certified in line with the Eco Profit regulation. The IdeenReich family centre works exclusively with recycled material and has been applying the climate protection concept from the outset. The Otto Burrmeister secondary school is not only “a school of the future”; it is also an Eco Profit expert.
The Gudrun Pausewang elementary school won the RWE school competition in 2014 and has a solar panel unit on the roof, likewise the Suderwich comprehensive school, which holds an annual Climate Day. These are good prerequisites for continuing on with the project after the funding period has come to an end.

Photo Andrea Jansen

“Climate Protection is Catching On" in the nursery, at school and even at home! It is always great to see with just how much creativity the children discover and explore the environment and motivate others: “Always thinking about the climate”.

Andrea Jansen from the Municipal Education Office: Project “Climate Protection is Catching On”

Partners and sponsors

  • Stadt Recklinghausen, FB Schule und Sport, Kommunales Bildungsbüro
  • Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit (BmUB)