Rietberg climate park: Climate protection you can experience hands-on

How does a solar power plant work? And what makes using geothermal heat so special? What are the consequences of climate change and what can I do to counteract it? The climate park in Rietberg, East Westphalia, provides comprehensive answers to these and other questions – interactively and for every generation.

The Rietberg climate park is unique in Germany. On the former site of the State Garden show 2008, a modern information and technology centre was developed three years later on the many aspects of climate protection. The garden show complex is visited annually by about 280,000 people – including the citizens of Rietberg and tourists alike. Because the climate park not only educates but also entertains, it also provides spontaneous “moments of realisation” during walks in the park.

Engine for progress:

  • high sensitisation and education effect
  • research and test location
  • successful inclusion into local recreation
  • regional network for climate protection

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Photo: Stadt Rietberg

The Rietberg climate park with the information pavilion in the centre presents a multitude of exhibits.

Experience technology and research up close

Above all, the climate park uses the interactive exhibits to present innovative technologies for the renewable energy production. Its attractions also include a house that can revolve with the sun, along with a biogas plant that is open to visitors. Viewing objects and information on what you yourself can do are also mediated for visitors. For business and science, the climate park is also a “place of possibilities”: Trials and field tests are performed on the terrain – and the visitors are right in the middle of it all.

Joint commitment from the region

The City of Rietberg strongly supported the development of the climate park, which fits its objective of becoming energy self-sufficient by 2030. Of course, the majority of the energy required on-site is generated by the climate park itself.

Its realisation would not have been possible without funding through the far-reaching involvement of various project partners: Research, industry, craft, associations and administration from the region are involved. Altogether, 18 project partners take care of the individual exhibits, while also forming a strong climate protection network in the region.

“Climate protection can be very simple and the citizens can see this too!”

Anika Hering, Climate Protection Manager, City of Rietberg

Partners and sponsors

  • Stadt Rietberg
  • Viele weitere Partner für die Exponate

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