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Climate protection right from the start

Playing, learning, and discovering: at the child-care facility and family centre run by KölnKitas gGmbH Hohenfriedbergstrasse in Cologne-Weidenpesch, 70 children and their 13 teachers do this in a very special way. The day nursery offers its children an extensive educational programme on the subject of climate protection and also gets the parents actively involved. In recognition of this, in 2017 the nursery received an award during the KlimaKita.NRW (climate-focused child-care facilities) competition run by EnergieAgentur.NRW.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, which is why this child-care facility that was set up in 1997 starts climate education at an early age. Although children are familiar with the term “climate change”, they cannot yet appreciate its real meaning or the abstract subject matter behind it. For this reason, everyone gets involved in the joint activities at the family centre: educational staff, parents and children. A trunk filled with experiments and craft activities about wind turbines or the greenhouse effect is used to convey complex issues. When there are excursions, the topic of climate-friendly transport is also on the agenda. Furthermore, this child-care facility also emphasises the creative thinking skills which form a key part of the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) programme.

Engine for progress:

  • Extensive climate education programme for children, teachers and parents
  • Reinforces climate-conscious behaviour in people’s private lives
  • Creates awareness of climate protection in the local environment

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Photo: EnergieAgentur.NRW

In recognition of its efforts, in 2017 the nursery received an award during the KlimaKita.NRW (climate-focused child-care facilities) competition run by EnergieAgentur.NRW.

Strong parents – strong children

The teachers work in close collaboration with the parents. They provide information about options for energy counselling and invite the parents to participate in repair workshops and book exchanges. The topic of climate protection is also emphasised at summer and Christmas parties and plans are modified accordingly. In addition, the child-care facility publicises its activities in a targeted way by means of its own press activities as well as through an informational event at the local town hall. Further activities planned for the future include setting up a compost heap, for example, and collecting and using rainwater.

Support provided by EnergieAgentur.NRW

In recognition of its efforts, the child-care facility received an award in 2017 in the course of the KlimaKita.NRW (climate-focused child-care facilities) competition run by EnergieAgentur.NRW. The competition aimed to establish the topic of climate protection in child-care facilities, amongst the parents and the public. 177 child-care facilities across the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia participated. In the course of the competition, this child-care facility – along with the first 100 applicants – received a trunk of materials with games, colouring books and textbooks for the teachers. The nursery was also given further support by EnergieAgentur.NRW through other services: seminars for the centre’s staff and activities for the children were included in the programme. As a continuation of the activities, a certification process for climate-focused child-care facilities in NRW will be introduced from 2019, so that climate education can be established on a long-term basis as part of the programme in child-care facilities.

Photo: Kita Hohenfriedbergstraße

Our project, „Klimadetektive – auf der Suche nach dem Klimaglück“ (“Climate detectives – climate and the quest for contentment”), has shown that very young children are already conscious of their environment. The parents and teachers at the child-care facility have also benefited from their intensive involvement in the topic: they have gained climate protection knowledge and experience!

Uschi Hütten-Späth, Director of KölnKitas gGmbH

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