Bocholt climate community: A showcase for climate protection

In 2009, the city of Bocholt (along with the municipality of Saerbeck) emerged as the winner of the Klima plus – Klimakommunen der Zukunft (Climate Communities of the Future) competition. As a NRW climate community, Bocholt has shown how many small steps can contribute to climate protection. The implemented measures could be copied almost anywhere in NRW.

With the aim of improving heat insulation in the city, a thermal scanner was flown over all of the roofs in Bocholt. This was to show home owners the condition of their buildings and possible improvement potentials.

Engine for progress:

  • many small steps to climate protection
  • high transferability
  • 30.000 tons CO2 savings through renovation alone
  • anchoring of climate protection in city culture

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Photo: Ralf Göppert, Stadt Bocholt

Bochholt was already an excellent city for cycling. But even here new ideas could still be developed and implemented.

In addition to this, a brick-built house from the '50s, which is typical of Bocholt, could be viewed as an "open construction site" during its renovation. This old house became a modern, attractive and above all energy-efficient building with a higher quality of living.

To date, approx. 30,000 t of CO2 have already been saved in Bocholt through the renovation of old buildings!

Greening as an adaptation to the impacts of climate change

But it is not only old houses that the citizens of Bocholt are assessing, but also the consequences of climate change. A specialist office for the Bocholt municipal area has, for example, analysed the possible effects of extreme rainfall. Roof and façade greening projects are being initiated and actively supported. These filter dust and pollutants and improve the appearance of buildings. Furthermore, roof greening not only provides cooling and insulation effects, but can also act as important temporary storage when it rains. The potential for this in Bocholt is high (1.6 million m2 of suitable roof space) and the cost is low.

Radtrends (cycle trends) in Bocholt

In addition to the topics of heat insulation and adaptation to the impacts of climate change, the topic of mobility also plays an important role. The Fietse – as the bicycle is called here – is firmly rooted in the city's culture. Bocholt was named Germany's most bicycle-friendly city for the third time in a row (with less than 100,000 inhabitants). Nevertheless, improvement potential was still to be found here too, such as new bicycle fast lanes and the realisation of the RADTRENDS bicycle fair, for example. By the way, the fair is already being held in Bocholt for the third time, on the 11th and 12th of April 2015.

Joint measures for social change

Social change is being promoted through the many perceptible measures in the city. Climate protection is becoming an identity factor for the citizens. In the meantime, climate protection has become firmly established as a topic in local administration and politics, and the number of local institutions getting involved is growing.

Partners and sponsors

  • Stadt Bocholt
  • Ministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Landwirtschaft, Natur- und Verbraucherschutz (MKULNV)