ENNI Energypark: Picnic in the "Solarpark"

The cities of Moers and Neukirchen-Vluyn have an ambitious goal: By 2035, 40 per cent of their electricity should come from domestic renewable sources of energy. An important milestone has already been reached: A solar park was created on a former extraction site. In addition to clean electricity, the complex also provides explanations and recreational value for day trippers.

The Solarpark meanders harmoniously around the dredging pool. Particular value was placed on this. The former gravel-processing site has been re-cultivated for many years. The 14,000 photovoltaic modules were not to disturb the existing flora and fauna.

Engine for progress:

  • savings of 2000 tonnes of CO2 per year
  • the Energy Path provides information about the Energiewende
  • connections to regional cycle routes
  • harmoniously integrated into the natural surroundings

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Photo: ENNI Energie & Umwelt GmbH

The Energiepfad (Energy Path) is connected to the cycle routes in the region, to the Lower Rhine Route and the Sustainability Route of the state of NRW. This has provided a further attraction with recreational value in the small town of Neukirchen-Vluyn.

"From the very beginning, we have involved the environment associations in the project", says Hermann Hornung, press officer for ENNI Energie & Umwelt GmbH. The regional energy and water provider restricted encroachments on the landscape to the bare essentials when building the 3.5 megawatt Solarpark. Because of this, it was possible for the endangered natterjack toad to be collected and resettled on time, for example.

Energy Path offers recreational value and explanations

People should also feel comfortable here. ENNI has, therefore, created an Energy Path with a viewing pavilion along the solar park. The path with explanations makes interested citizens more familiar with renewable energies and the subject of electromobility. A picnic area also makes the site attractive to day-trippers. Cyclists pass through the newly created recreational area via the "Lower Rhine Route" and the " Route of Sustainability in NRW".

"The Solarpark has become a destination for excursions and education", explains Hornung. "Not only are we saving nearly 2000 tonnes of CO2 per year, we are also making citizens more aware of the subjects of the transformation of the energy system and climate protection".

ENNI solar park with energy path project video (German)

Video: KlimaExpo.NRW

Photo: ENNI Energie & Umwelt GmbH

"Solarpark Neukirchen-Vluyn is one of the extremely large regenerative flagship projects on the Lower Rhine. Not only are we saving nearly 2000 tonnes of CO2 per year in the production of electricity, we also make the transformation of the energy system a tangible experience for people."

Stefan Krämer, Managing Director of ENNI Energie & Umwelt GmbH

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