Enerji Dolu: Conquering the fear of embarking on something new

In many companies, considerable saving potentials lie dormant in the areas of energy and resource consumption. The TEMA Foundation from Cologne is providing the impetus for operational environmental protection – and has set its sights on entrepreneurs of Turkish origin for the very first time. The fear of embarking on something new is usually quickly overcome.

Recognise efficiency potentials, develop measures, implement: Environmental and energy management systems allow companies to improve systematically. But even 20 years since their development, there are still not enough entrepreneurs active in this area. The project "Enerji Dolu" (Turkish for "full of energy") wants to help close this gap – and is targeting around 100,000 entrepreneurs of Turkish origin in Germany.

Engine for progress:

• spreading energy and resource management
• large potentials in companies run by entrepreneurs of Turkish origin
• radiation effects out into the community
• transferable to every Region

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Photo: TEMA-Stiftung

Workshop in Berlin at Barex e.V.

Environmental management at certification level

Entrepreneurs are addressed in collaboration with Turkish media. In workshops and on-site visits, the foundation then closes the gaps in knowledge and clears up the scepticism which in part still remains. Great powers of persuasion are usually not required. Good environmental management suits any and all companies who think long-term. The entrepreneurs' fear of embarking on something new is usually overcome quickly.

An environmental management system is then developed step by step. The TEMA Foundation (TEMA-Stiftung) reinforces the exceptional commitment of the entrepreneurs to operational environmental protection. The target, however, is always to bring the management system up to the level required for "EMAS" certification – a certification system initiated by the European Community for environmental management.

Entrepreneurs spread climate protection ideas

The companies not only contribute to climate protection themselves, but also work as multipliers. They forge a path as good examples for other small and medium-sized companies – not only within the Turkish Community. They thus ensure that climate protection is more firmly rooted in the consciousness of their employees and influences their behaviour in their everyday work.

Photo: privat

The Enerji Dolu project underlines the importance of dialogue with companies in regard to measures for energy efficiency and savings potentials. Most companies are not aware of their hidden potential and, once they become aware of this, their commitment is all the greater as a result. This project also shows how important it is to approach companies run by entrepreneurs of Turkish origin in a culturally sensitive manner, in order to establish permanent roots for knowledge and measures for operational environmental protection."

Handan Anapa, Project Director

Partners and sponsors

  • TEMA-Stiftung für den Naturschutz
  • Barex e.V.
  • BUV – Bundesverband der Unternehmervereinigungen e.V.
  • Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit (BmUB)

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