Car park for electric vehicles in Euskirchen: Park your car and charge it with solar power

In Euskirchen, the municipal housing association, EUGEBAU, has built a modern car park which is specially designed to meet the needs of electric vehicles. The operators are thus creating a precedent for the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Parking and charging the car with climate-friendly electricity go hand in hand here: the electric vehicles are charged with green electricity generated by the car park’s own photovoltaic system.

Everyone is talking about electric cars, but they haven’t quite made it on the market yet: According to a survey run by the German Energy Agency (DENA), about 59 per cent of respondents expect battery-powered vehicles and plug-in hybrids to dominate the car market in 2030. However, registration numbers for 2017 do not reflect this trend: only 3.2 per cent of the newly-registered cars are powered by electricity. There are many reasons for the lack of market penetration: it is rare to find cars offered at attractive rates and an extensive charging infrastructure is still not available – the classic chicken and egg situation.

Engine for progress:

  • Exemplary project for providing charging technology in car parks
  • Solar charging station: use of solar power generated on site
  • Creates an attractive offer for owners of electric cars
  • Promotes public acceptance and thus the dissemination of electromobility

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The electricity provided in the car park comes entirely from renewable sources. Most of the electricity required is generated by a photovoltaic system, which is located on the green roof of the building.

Armed for the mobility of the future

In Euskirchen, the municipal housing association EUGEBAU decided to become proactive: when a new car park with 44 parking spaces was being built they addressed the problem in advance by including 29 charging points from the start, each with an output of 22 kilowatts. Most of the parking spaces are rented on a long-term basis, but two charging stations are currently available for short-term parkers – if public demand increases, the supply will be expanded. To enable them to provide further charging connections if necessary, the car park has a system of empty ducts, so further charging points can easily be installed.

Fuelled by solar power

The electricity supply for the car park comes entirely from renewable sources. Most of the electricity required is generated by a photovoltaic system, which is located on the green roof of the building, providing an output of 29.4 kilowatt peak. The electricity generated is made available immediately to the vehicles that are being charged. If, at any point, there are no customers for the power, it is stored in three battery storage devices and can therefore also be used to charge electric cars at night. If the supply of solar power is insufficient to meet the demand, the car park purchases certified green electricity generated by hydropower.

Model example of a charging infrastructure

Not only is the car park for e-vehicles in Euskirchen one of the largest solar charging stations for electric cars in North Rhine-Westphalia, it also represents a model example for the whole of Germany of how a charging infrastructure and green electricity can be provided in car parks. The project is breaking down barriers and making access to electromobility easier; at the same time it is reducing local emissions and protecting the climate by using green electricity in an efficient way.


The immobile focus of a housing association has been interlinked with the dynamic new conceptual world of e-mobility. The team from the construction company in Euskirchen have made this possible.

Oliver Knuth, Managing Director of EUGEBAU

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