German Environmental Action: Pioneers in the area of environmental and climate protection education

The Deutsche Umwelt-Aktion e.V. (German Environmental Action) was founded with the aim of taking environmental protection and nature conservation into schools. Teachers of environmental science have been teaching pre-school children and school pupils about the environment since 1958 or have been carrying out campaigns outside of schools. Until now they have reached an audience of about 20 million.

The guiding principle of the Deutsche Umwelt-Aktion e. V. (DUA) is both simple and logical: if we teach our children to act in an environmentally sound way, this will have a positive effect on the future. The younger generation should therefore learn as early as possible to take care of the land, water, air, animals and plants and to handle energy and water resources carefully. This is where DUA gets involved and offers lessons primarily for pre-schools and primary schools, but also for secondary schools.

Engine for progress:

  • providing environmental education since 1958
  • reached an audience of more than 20 million people in total
  • wide range of topical issues covered
  • free of charge for schools

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Deutsche Umwelt Aktion

Always keeping track of the latest developments: the Deutsche Umwelt-Aktion (German Environmental Action) constantly incorporates new content into its educational materials. This image shows material on the topic of “New Mobility” which also covers the smart connection to renewable energies. 

Environmental awareness packaged in a way that children can understand

The DUA gives children neutral information on climate protection and various environmental topics using well-designed teaching materials. In this way, the DUA develops the pupils’ knowledge of ecology, shows them how habitats are interlinked and explains scientific processes in a graphic way. The lessons on the environment are embellished with demonstrations and tests or activities in the woods to be child-friendly and practical; they include, for example, building a biogas plant, charging electricity at a solar charging station, building a wastewater treatment plant and many other things.

The DUA constantly exploits new subject areas and always keeps track of the latest developments. Committed teachers receive valuable support with current topics – for example teaching materials about new types of mobility or cogeneration of heat and electricity.

For primary and secondary schools the teaching units last 90 minutes; for pre-schools they last 60 minutes. The range of materials is supplemented with offers of extra-curricular activities such as class trips, adventure days for children whose parents work, anniversary celebrations, town festivals, trade fairs or further training for teachers.

From North Rhine-Westphalia for North Rhine-Westphalia

The majority of the DUA’s projects take place in North Rhine-Westphalia. These are coordinated from the head office in Düsseldorf. Companies can get involved as sponsors and finance projects for the pre-schools or schools in their region or in their operation or supply area.

This approach has shown successful results for some time. The customers and sponsors for these projects are companies, district and city councils, energy and water providers, waste disposal companies, banks, climate protection and energy agencies and many others.

Deutsche Umwelt-Aktion e.V.

“It is essential that we raise our children‘s awareness of climate protection because they will be the ones to shape the future!

Ute Behrendt-Müller, Managing Director of Deutsche Umwelt-Aktion e. V.

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