Lobbe recycling facility: Waste separation for professionals

With their innovative recycling facilities in Iserlohn, the Lobbe Group demonstrates how the latest technology can be used to efficiently recycle mixtures of waste from light-weight packaging.

It’s a real heavyweight. Particularly in terms of what it sorts each year. The new recycling facility constructed in 2015 by the Lobbe Group in Iserlohn sorts 72,000 tonnes (t) of light-weight packaging from private households. Around a half of this (32,600 t) can be recycled, the remainder (39,300 t) is used as fuel to produce heat in waste incineration plants or refuse-derived fuel power stations. There’s hardly a yogurt pot that’s not recycled – thanks to the ultra-modern sorting technology ...

Engine for progress:

  • 30 new workplaces
  • europe’s most up-to-date facility
  • future-oriented, as it can be adapted to free-moving contents of containers
  • 55,000 tonnes of CO2 savings per year
  • recyclable resources from up to 3–3.5 million residents

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Photo: Lobbe GmbH

The innovative recycling facility in Iserlohn sorts lightweight packaging materials such as tin, aluminium, drinks cartons, films, paper and four types of plastic. These are then processed for reuse by industry.

73,000 tonnes of CO2 savings possible per year – thanks to sophisticated sorting technology

The system separates the wheat from the chaff. The recycling facility sorts the materials according to the size, weight and type of metal. Near-infrared technology (NIR) ensures the careful separation of the plastics. The sophisticated sorting technology allows a wide range of materials, such as nonferrous and ferrous metals, plastics, paper, paperboard and cardboard to be reprocessed and made available to industry. According to calculations, this recycling of materials saves around 55,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. If the facility increases its throughput as planned to around 95,000 tonnes per year, the saving will increase to around 73,000 tonnes in future.

Energy management system ensures economical operation

An extensive network of more than 100 conveyor belts ensures that each raw material reaches its intended destination. There is more than one kilometre of conveyor belts in total. Even the energy utilisation data flow through the facility, as an energy management system monitors, controls and checks more than 220 actuators within the facility. The system measures and processes the data which is then always available for evaluation and analysis. The operators thus ensure the economical and energy-efficient operation of the facility.

Photo: Lobbe GmbH

“We’re very pleased to be part of KlimaExpo.NRW.” It is a special recognition and acknowledgement of our commercial courage and commitment. The investment sum of around EUR 12 million for our recycling facility clearly illustrates the fact that economical and environmental targets can be perfectly combined.”

Michael Wieczorek, Managing Director of Lobbe RSW GmbH

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