Zeller Group

Fit for the future with its zero-energy building

The Zeller Group in Herten specialises in cooling and air conditioning technology. It focuses on developing forward-thinking solutions for industrial and commercial customers as well as for small private businesses. Sustainable management is a matter of course for managing directors Achim and Thorsten Zeller. As early as 2010, they designed their new company headquarters as a zero-energy building and set themselves other climate protection targets for the future.

The Zeller Group became a pioneer of its time when it built its zero-energy company headquarters in 2010. The building’s primary energy requirement is 55 per cent lower than that of a standard reference building, i.e. a building that complied exactly with the current German Energy Saving Ordinance at that time. A photovoltaic system on the roof supplies the building’s entire primary energy requirement amounting to around 36,000 kilowatt-hours per year. The PV system has a capacity of 27.3 kilowatt-peak and produces the same amount of electricity on average as the building needs in the course of a year.

Founded in 1928, the company also heats and air conditions the rooms using a heat pump, which is regularly replaced by the most efficient model available. This allows the Zeller Group to optimise its own energy use, and, at the same time, to test the latest models for its customers.

Climate protection objective:

  • Conversion of all the lighting to LED technology
  • Regular implementation of efficiency measures by monitoring the building’s operation in detail
  • Further development of e-mobility in the vehicle fleet

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Photo: Zeller Gruppe

With its zero-energy building, the Zeller Group is fit for a climate-friendly future.

Research project investigated the building

The zero-energy building was the subject of an international research project involving partners from the scientific and business communities. The project investigated the success of the zero-energy building. In the course of the research project, monitoring devices were installed in many of the rooms. These devices make it possible to evaluate how warm individual rooms are and which parts of the building use a large amount of energy or little energy. The data is collected in an energy management system. The monitoring system was left in place at the end of the research project, allowing the Group to easily supervise its energy consumption in the building. The building’s detailed monitoring system allows efficiency measures to be identified and implemented more easily.

Promoting e-mobility

The Zeller Group has installed a charging station for electric vehicles on its premises in Herten and has purchased two electric cars, which employees regularly drive to attend meetings in the vicinity. In addition, two electric bicycles are available for employees to use and the vehicle fleet is being further upgraded in terms of e-mobility. In future, the entire lighting system will be converted to LED lamps: when the premises were built eight years ago, the most efficient lamps available at the time were installed – however, these were not exclusively LEDs.