The Weidmüller Group: Electrical engineering climate protection solutions

Climate protection and optimising energy usage are firmly anchored in the management guidelines of the Weidmüller Group. The production facilities use efficient solutions for insulation, protection against the cold, heating, cooling, lighting and electricity, which has led to a saving of a total of 1,665 tonnes of CO2 a year. The icing on the cake, however, is the optimisation of the compressed air used for the feed rails of the automated assembly machines. In this area alone, the company has been able to reduce compressed air usage by up to 75 per cent, which is equivalent to 36 tonnes of CO2 a year.

The Weidmüller Group is a 160 year old, medium-sized, family-owned company and is active as an electrical engineering and industrial connectivity specialist in over 80 countries. Weidmüller also offers the energy management solution developed in house to its customers, making it a strong supporter of climate protection both internally and externally.

Climate protection objective:

  • optimisation of the use of compressed air in feed rails
  • transfer of the identified optimisation potential to other automated assembly machines
  • reduction in the use of compressed air in the Niemeierstraße plant by 30%

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Photo: Weidmüller Gruppe

The automated assembly machines in the production hall of the Weidmüller Group in Detmold. This is where plastic and metal parts are turned into various connectors and terminals. The extended use of waste heat, e.g. the heat emitted by machines, means the production hall has no need for its own heating system.

The company not only strives for continuous improvement in its own production process, but also in numerous other areas of the operation, such as building efficiency, heat generation, the energy management system and the conduct of its employees. This exceptionally high level of commitment has already been acknowledged with numerous awards.

Large energy guzzlers eliminated

As part of its latest project, the Weidmüller Group explored the CO2 savings potential of optimising the compressed air used in its automated assembly machines in order to identify their most energy intensive parts. Using measurement technology specifically employed for the task, it was calculated that it was possible to improve the energy usage of the compressed air in the feed rails. A reproduction was used to vary different parameters along all the individual process steps to determine the effect on the compressed air consumption. Optimisation potential was identified at three specific points in this process, and then put into practice.

Photo: Weidmüller Gruppe

“Weidmüller has already been using energy and resources responsibly for many decades. Our transparent factory that was inaugurated in 2011 and has received many awards is a prime example of our endeavours to act in an energy-efficient manner. We are very proud of this and use it to demonstrate the Weidmüller energy management solution to our customers."

Dr. Christian von Toll, Assistant to the Chairman of the Executive Board