Primary school Vormholz: Small school, big targets

Vormholzer primary school in Witten is a full-day urban community school and has 103 pupils. In spite of its small size, the school is heavily engaged in climate protection. In cooperation with the city of Witten and the Gertec Company, the teachers and their students have already been focusing on the efficient use of heating energy and electricity within the school building since 2013.

Actively helping to shape the future

Using various teaching modules, activities and projects, the children's enthusiasm for climate protection is encouraged in an age-appropriate manner. Pupils are trained as "scouts" and identify energy-saving solutions that can be implemented in cooperation with their teachers and fellow pupils, for example. A self-made online project video or posters at the school entrance on the topics of electricity, heat, water use and waste separation explain climate-friendly ideas. Because of constant references to the topic, for example through the collection of energy data on the topics of energy consumption and energy savings, teachers are also involved. Not only the school benefits from the implementation of the measures, but also the families of the children, because the pupils take their new knowledge home with them.

Climate protection objective:

  • 20 to 40 per cent energy savings
  • a reduction in heating energy consumption of 20 per cent
  • increased awareness among the pupils: Relationship between behaviour and energy consumption

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Photo: Firma Gertec

All climate activities are displayed right by the entrance, so that all of the pupils, parents and visitors can be part of this project. This wall is constantly being added to.

Continuous and future-oriented

Above all, the reduction of heating energy consumption has already achieved good results. But the school is not resting on its laurels. For the academic year 2015/2016, new targets have been set to further reduce energy consumption and increase the climate awareness of pupils. Here the topic of electricity consumption is of special significance. Through measures such as the installation of new motion detectors in the corridors and exercises for awareness and behavioural changes, by the end of the school year the school will have saved 20 to 40 per cent of its electricity costs. A 20 per cent reduction in heating energy consumption is envisaged. Infra-red thermal imaging will be used to reveal insulation and optimisation opportunities. In addition, students and pupils are being trained as "door scouts" to reduce heat loss at the school entrance.

Photo: Vormholzer Grundschule

"Vormholzer primary school has been addressing the issue of climate protection for many years. Our goal is to make the children aware of the topic and to work together with them to reduce our school's consumption of electricity and heating energy. The lessons learned at school should of course also be applied at home."

Alexandra Schüler-Schlieper, School Director

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