TRILUX: Efficient light from South Westphalia

TRILUX has stood for energy-efficient and sustainable lighting for more than 100 years. 16 per cent of total electricity consumption in Germany is attributable to artificial lighting. Therefore, efficient luminaires and intelligent system solutions offer enormous potential for climate protection. This makes TRILUX a driving force in the transformation of the energy system.

The market leader for energy-efficient lighting already states this in its name: TRI LUX = three times the light output. Environmental/climate protection and efficiency also play an important role internally. Starting with many individual projects and large savings on energy and water consumption, the company has been gradually systematising its efforts since 1990. By joining the state's ÖKOPROFIT programme in 2012, TRILUX has firmly anchored an integrated environmental management system (ISO 14.001) in its organisation.

Climate protection objective:

  • development of exclusively high-efficiency LED lights
  • energy and resource savings through process efficiency (SPEED)

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Use of LED in a production hall. The right lighting is not just energy-saving; it can also significantly improve employee well-being and productivity.

Product development for climate protection

More than 95 per cent of the CO2 emissions from lighting systems is generated while the lights are switched on. The company can make its biggest contribution to climate protection through continuous further development of efficient LED solutions. Here, a clear objective has been set: By 2020, only highly efficient LED lighting is to be manufactured and the efficiency level is to be further increased.

In addition to this, a large number of the lights and solutions brought to market are to be intelligently controllable. This is important because the use of modern light management systems such as daylight-dependent controls allow a further 50 per cent of the energy consumption to be saved. In order to inform users and support climate-friendly and energy-saving construction, TRILUX provides optimum orientation assistance with the carbon footprint for its own products.

Large-scale project to significantly reduce throughput by 2018

Of course, TRILUX itself uses highly efficient LED lighting at its own premises. In 2011, intelligent building control technology was introduced, thereby systematically optimising energy consumption. The large-scale SPEED project is to herald the next round of process efficiency measures: Through the optimisation of logistics processes, the company wants to greatly reduce throughput by 2018. Such an increase in efficiency means significant energy and resource savings as well as financial effects.

TRILUX promotes awareness of climate protection both internally and externally

TRILUX is participating in the ÖKOPROFIT programme and assists in its implementation with speakers on the topic of energy-efficient lighting. At the TRILUX academy, the company also disseminates its knowledge of lighting and potential savings to a larger audience. Not only does the company promote awareness of climate protection externally – its own employees are also involved: In 2015, Sustainability Officer Tim Behrendt was appointed as an ÖKOPROFIT ambassador by State Environmental Minister Johannes Remmel for TRILUX's commitment.


"The combination of maximum efficiency and intelligence provides optimal light quality and at the same time contributes to climate protection. We want to use this to set an example and to prove that environmental technology can be both efficient and convenient."(Image: TRILUX)

Tim Behrendt, Head of Sustainability Management and the Light Management Competence Team at TRILUX

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