Taxi Klima

The name reflects the service

For the past 35 years, Taxi Klima in Paderborn has been providing all kinds of transport services, ranging from taxi journeys to ambulance services, courier deliveries and airport trips – the company employs more than 70 people and operates 20 taxis to get customers from A to B quickly and safely. This level of activity doesn’t mean sacrificing climate protection, however: the company is gradually converting its fleet to electric vehicles and already has three Tesla cars. And that’s not all: Taxi Klima is also thinking about the infrastructure needed and plans to install PV systems and charging stations at its depot.

The company aims to significantly reduce its CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions by electrifying its fleet – a challenge in a sector where the majority of firms consider this endeavour to be too expensive in view of the short distances involved. This isn’t Taxi Klima’s only initiative: the company is focusing on potential measures to support climate protection throughout its chain of operation – from LED lighting to route planning. Even if not all climate protection measures can be economically justified.

Climate protection objective:

  • Steady increase in the percentage of e-taxis
  • Simultaneous expansion of the accompanying infrastructure: several PV systems and charging stations will be installed by the end of 2019.

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Photo: Taxi Klima

The company already has three Tesla cars in operation.

A fleet of e-taxis for Paderborn

Following an intensive testing phase, a total of three Teslas are now in operation. In September 2018, new electric vehicles were also commissioned for routine journeys and to transport passengers in wheelchairs. In order to provide better facilities for the prospective e-fleet, two new charging stations were installed at the depot – since Taxi Klima prefers not to rely on others for infrastructure. The company has also converted to using green electricity to supply all of its needs.

Further measures are planned

In future, additional measures are planned to further unlock the company’s potential for climate protection: when the depot undergoes renovation in 2019, the paving will also be made more sustainable and a PV system with storage batteries will be installed, as well as additional charging stations. The main office has already been converted to LED lighting and the communication system has been renewed to allow vehicles to be deployed in a more efficient and eco-friendly way. Taxi Klima is currently participating in the Eco-Profit project whereby it hopes to identify and implement further potential efficiency measures.

Photo: Taxi Klima

Taxi Klima provides you with an excellent transport service using eco-friendly electric vehicles. We want to help reduce NOx emission levels in Paderborn and give people an understanding of the benefits of electromobility through our vehicles.

Barbara Kottowski-Klima, Manager