Sundwiger Drehtechnik: What an energy report can achieve...

The methodical policies implemented by Sundwiger Drehtechnik, located in Hemer in the Sauerland region, reflect the interplay between energy efficiency, climate protection and cost savings: the company implemented various efficiency measures, such as the installation of a combined heat and power plant, on the basis of an energy report. The company was able to significantly reduce its energy costs, and its CO2 emissions fell by more than a third. But the search for efficiency potentials continues.

Dirk Graewe states: “Environmental protection is part of our corporate policy. And if it helps to reduce the costs of electricity, heating, cooling and compressed air, then we get to kill two birds with one stone”. The activities of the managing director of Sundwiger Drehtechnik, which aim to reduce CO2 emissions, extend into the range of products: the company manufactures precision parts in the fields of turning and milling technology for a wide range of products – from mechanical engineering to the heating and air conditioning industry. A foam block for dispensing systems, which the company supplies as a finished product, helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Climate protection objective:

  • dismantling an old heating plant and installing a second CHP plant with an additional output of 50kW (and an adsorption chiller) with calculated annual CO2 savings of 420 tonnes.
  • optimising energy efficiency by installing control software (building management system).
  • preparing to install a PV system (installation of trapezoidal sheets).

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Photo: Sundwiger Drehtechnik GmbH

... if it is consistently implemented.

Many companies could do what Sundwiger Drehtechnik is doing: two CHP units with outputs of 70 and 50 kW generate electricity, heat and cooling. LED technology makes the lighting more efficient and improvements have been made to the compressed air production processes. The above measures allowed the company to save 35 per cent of CO2 emissions; that’s 730 tonnes per year. The work was worth the effort.
Sundwiger Drehtechnik has implemented the specific measures as part of their overall concept thus taking the reciprocal effects into account. Dirk Graewe has changed the logic of the entire lighting system by replacing lamps: the bulbs dim when there is sufficient daylight. If there is no one in the room, they are automatically switched off.

The employees of Sundwiger Drehtrechnik, a medium-sized company, which is firmly rooted in the region, have a special role to play: Their employer regularly informs them about the progress of measures and motivates them to participate. Sundwiger Drehtechnik informs interested visitors about its savings projects during information sessions and on-site visits, which are accompanied by an energy consultant.

Solar power is the next goal; the environmental management system provides foresight

This is not the end of the story: Sundwiger Drehtechnik is constantly setting new goals. Once you set out to look for efficiency potentials, you will not stop any time soon. PV systems are the next potential investment. An environmental management system integrates planning into the overall concept and provides the company with the necessary foresight.

Sundwiger Drehtechnik GmbH

"Environmental protection is part of our corporate policy, and if it helps to reduce the costs of electricity, heating, cooling and compressed air, then we get to kill two birds with one stone”

Dirk Graewe, management