Sustainability in print

Climate protection and sustainability are taken as a matter of course at the Wuppertal-based printing house OFFSET COMPANY. The company has already been dealing with issues concerning sustainability for more than 15 years and is therefore considered to be a pioneer in the industry. Not only does the company value corporate climate protection, sustainable products and energy efficiency, it also wants to raise awareness amongst its customers and the regional economy and motivate people to take action. As well as information letters on the topic of sustainability and the climate-friendly design of the company’s premises, a sustainability forum is planned to provide a regular platform for exchanging ideas and information.

Green electricity, energy-efficient production processes, the use of certified production materials ... the Wuppertal-based printing house takes its social responsibility seriously and acts on its convictions. Back in November 2009, the company was certified, according to the standards of the “Stop Climate Change” system, for the production of climate-neutral print media. This involved implementing various measures to reduce carbon emissions. The company offsets any remaining emissions with recognised certificates. But that’s not all: for every printing contract, OFFSET purchases two trees through an organisation that buys up woodlands to improve and reforest them. In 2018, support is expected to be provided for 666 trees. The policy of sustainability is also reflected in the range of products. An innovative type of paper made of grass is used, for example, for various printing applications. In order to subsequently ship the printed products, the company is developing a special wooden crate, which will be used as an alternative to plastic packaging. The company thereby hopes to reduce the amount of stretch film that it normally uses by 25 per cent by the end of 2018. One of these crates is already available to customers.

Climate protection objective:

  • Increased efficiency in the printing process and the technical installations
  • Creating a green area on the company premises according to the principle of “Dynamic Agroforestry” during the course of 2018
  • Setting up and regularly implementing a sustainability forum

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Photo: Grafik Design Agentur / Ralf Fröhlich

The Wuppertal-based OFFSET COMPANY produces all kinds of printed products. Managing Director Hans-Joachim Brüne took over the business in 1978 as the third generation of his family to head the company.

Constant monitoring process

The Wuppertal-based company produces all kinds of printed products and emphasises not only high quality, but also the sustainability of its products and production processes. To this end, the printing plants, energy systems and all the processes are inspected on a regular basis in order to increase efficiency and reduce water and energy consumption. In addition, the company is working on a procedure that reduces the use of chemicals in the printing process. Furthermore, the company also includes its own premises in its efforts to increase sustainability. Various agricultural crops, bushes and trees have been planted to create a green area, all of which have a positive influence as a result of their different growth rates. The principle has a positive impact on the micro-climate and biodiversity, and the vegetation stores CO2. Through this test on its own premises, the printing company aims to attract attention and inspire others to implement this approach on larger areas of land.

Providing information and raising awareness: the sustainability forum

The Wuppertal-based company wants to take the concept of sustainability even further, beyond the scope of its day-to-day business. To this end, it publishes a letter on the topic of sustainability and distributes it to customers on a regular basis. In this letter, OFFSET explains the measures it has introduced in-house to improve climate protection and gives additional tips on how on how readers can make their own businesses and everyday lives more climate-friendly, thus promoting understanding and raising awareness. A sustainability forum is now also planned as a further communication platform. This is intended to bring the regional economy and consumers together on a regular basis to enable them to exchange ideas and to convince them of the positive impact of an approach to corporate management that focuses on sustainability.

Photo: Grafik Design Agentur / Ralf Fröhlich

"At Offset Company, we are convinced that every single person can contribute to climate protection. The change starts with each individual and with the conscious utilisation of our resources. Customers who work with us know that we constantly think and act in terms of sustainability."

Ute and Hans Brüne, OFFSET COMPANY Druckereigesellschaft mbH