Muckenhaupt & Nusselt: Experience in the field of environmental management

Muckenhaupt & Nusselt has been committed to social and environmental responsibility for many years. The company is one of the pioneers in corporate environmental protection and has proven this by participating in many projects within the region and beyond.

Muckenhaupt & Nusselt specialises in high-quality, special technical cables and special cables for machinery and plant engineering. The subjects of quality as well as environmental and climate protection are firmly rooted in the company and are an integral part of its corporate policy. As early as 1998, they successfully introduced an environmental management system in accordance with EMAS. The contribution to climate protection to date has been above average.

Climate protection objective:

  • climate protection targets:
  • the company will significantly improve its raw materials cycle by using its own plastics mill. 30–50 tonnes of plastics per year should be kept within the production process rather than sending them off for further processing.
  • product communications should focus more on information on CO2 consumption.
  • the plans to use roofs for a photovoltaic system will be driven forward.

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Photo: Muckenhaupt & Nusselt

Braiding machine in production.

Close to the research

Anyone who works in the field of corporate environmental management – in science or in practice – knows Muckenhaupt & Nusselt from various case studies and research projects. Beyond measures for their own energy and resource efficiency, many other new topics have been developed in the last 15 years: Ecological communication skills, resource efficiency research and the sustainable value approach. From personnel and culture-oriented projects right up to considerations regarding the value chains.

Firmly rooted in Wuppertal

Since it was founded in 1926, Muckenhaupt & Nusselt has been based in in Wuppertal. The company, owner-managed in fourth generation by Christian Muckenhaupt, is actively involved locally. It was a co-founder of the Wuppertal environmental initiative in 2000, which more than 50 companies have joined, as well as the Innovation Network Bergisches Land, founded in 2011 by various companies and Bergische University.

Muckenhaupt & Nusselt is also involved locally in education for sustainable development. The company was involved from the beginning in Project Course 21, which works with school partnerships to achieve sustainability, and is a co-founder of the association founded to maintain the project.

Its climate protection history is also reflected in the current objectives, among which are a concrete efficiency target, a target which can be traced back to a research project and a target which resulted from the commitment to transformation of the energy system.

Photo: Muckenhaupt & Nusselt

“The subject of ‘sustainable development’ has for many years been anchored in our corporate policy and is a prerequisite for the successful development of our company.”

Christian Muckenhaupt, Managing Director

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