Moosbach und Kanne: Gold-plated climate protection

Moosbach & Kanne is a small electroplating operation. 20 employees coat and paint countless products with a variety of precious metal finishes – and have been doing so for almost 100 years. With determination and perseverance, the company is pursuing environmental and climate protection and is implementing the appropriate measures on an ongoing basis. Heat recovery from the exhaust air system and convertion of the lighting to LED are its next targets.

Throughout the company, the topic of sustainability is of special significance. For example, the metal-bearing sludge used in the preparation of the resulting process water is sent for recycling. In cooperation with the customers, packaging is mostly re-used in a returnable packaging system.

Climate protection objective:

  • heat recovery from the exhaust air system in the production hall
  • conversion of the hall lighting to LED

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Photo: Moosbach & Kanne

Obsolete neon lights are to be replaced by modern LED lights. A twilight detector regulates which and how many lights are switched on depending on the brightness in the hall. Together with a more advanced exhaust and intake air system, the working environment has been improved for the employees.

Energy efficiency in mind

But above all, the company has reduced energy consumption step by step. In the last few years, the controls for the electroplating system and waste-water treatment have been replaced – with considerable energy savings. At the same time, this has also reduced chemical consumption by over 30 per cent.

The heat flows for heating the offices and production facilities have been reorganised and the intake temperature has been reduced. This was the prerequisite for the largest measure: the installation of a CHP plant. With the new condensing boiler and CHP commissioned in 2015, which were realised together with Stadtwerke Solingen public utilities, a CO2-savings of 100 tonnes per year should be achieved.

The compressed air system – often a source of energy waste – was replaced. The investments have pay off twofold: by reducing energy costs and improving the quality of the workplace. Both will also be taken into consideration in the next objectives.

Next step: Heat recovery

In 2016, the company has set heat recovery from the production hall's exhaust system as its objective. This measure will save energy and will also improve the indoor climate at Moosbach & Kanne. Acceptance by employees of the climate protection measures is correspondingly high.

In addition to this, the hall lighting will be converted to LED by the end of 2016. The projected saving is 8,800 kilowatt-hours annually – which in turn corresponds to five tonnes of CO2 per year.

And the company already has its next target in mind for 2017: the use of solar energy.

Photo: Moosbach & Kanne GmbH

"With surface coating, not only do we enhance the appearance of the products, we also extend their service life. By using energy-efficient equipment, we protect the environment several times over."

Dr Elke Moosbach, Managing Director of Moosbach & Kanne GmbH