Metallkonzept group: Small tradesmen as large-scale solar power producers

Not only does the Metallkonzept group of companies from Warstein design and build photovoltaic systems. It is also a shining example of the use of solar energy itself: The company has solar installations with a capacity of 3.5 megawatts on their own premises and on rented roof surfaces – which make the metal manufacturer a plus energy operation.

Metallkonzept manufactures a wide range of products: windows, doors, roofs, conservatories etc. The metal manufacturer has also been supplying photovoltaic solutions for quite some time and is clearly leading the way itself: At the company location, all roof areas are fitted with photovoltaic systems.

Climate protection objective:

  • examining the usage possibilities for biogas
  • expansion of the change to LED
  • further dissemination into the public sphere
  • employee motivation for climate protection

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Photo: Siegfried Riemann

Photovoltaic systems in the company's yard: Impressive and yet only a small part of the total installed capacity of 3.5 megawatts. 

In addition to this, the company group has rented public roof surfaces in the surrounding area. With a total of 3.5 megawatts of installed capacity, this generates significantly more electricity than the group itself consumes: Approximately 3.2 gigawatt-hours per year, enough for 900 four-person households.

CHPs, LED, Rain Water Use

On site, Metallkonzept also uses several CHPs to heat production areas and showrooms, offices and rented premises and to generate electricity for the operation. The metal manufacturers have also replaced traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs and provide rain water for commercial tenants.

Filling Up on Electricity for Social Projects

The company is also sharing its experience beyond its own operation. Commercial tenants are advised on topics pertaining to energy efficiency and experiences with the photovoltaic systems are incorporated into customer consultations. Furthermore, Metallkonzept operates a public solar power charging station. For a donation toward social projects, anyone can recharge for free.

Continuous Search for Ways to Improve

The company regularly examines further possibilities for action. Even if not every idea proves to be feasible. For example, the company is currently unable to convert its fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles – because the transport weights involved in the trailer operation are too high. But this does not prevent the metal manufacturers from continuing to search for ways to improve.

Photo: Privat

"We are on a par with quite a number of solar farms – not bad for a small craft company"

Tobias Kruse, Managing Director

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