MECU: Supporting climate protection the meculogical way

At MECU, a slogan created specially in-house draws attention to issues that are relevant to climate protection in the business environment: this wholesaler of semi-finished non-ferrous metals from Velbert seeks to promote totally (mecu)logical corporate climate protection and to raise awareness of sustainable business management issues and using finite resources sparingly among its suppliers and customers. To this end, the company has set itself specific climate protection goals.

MECU Metallhalbzeug GmbH & Co. KG is a wholesaler of prefabricated raw material shapes made of aluminium, brass, copper, bronze and nickel silver. The headquarters of this family business in Velbert includes a permanent warehouse with 7,000 items in almost all the common sizes and shapes. In addition, plates, strips, tubes, rods and sheets can be cut to individual specifications at the competence centre in Velbert where rings and circular blanks can also be manufactured. MECU has already implemented a wide range of measures aimed at increasing energy efficiency at its five sites across Germany, and the selection of suppliers is also included in the corporate sustainability strategy. New ideas on how to further reduce the climate impact of the company’s business activities are constantly being developed at the site in Velbert.

Climate protection objective:

  • Setting up two solar power facilities on the roofs of the two warehouses in Velbert
  • Installation of one e-car and eight e-bike charging stations at the administration department site and two e-bike charging stations at the warehouse

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Photo: Mecu

State-of-the-art technology: as part of the “Ökoprofit” project, outdated technology at the company headquarters in Velbert was replaced and made more efficient in 2015 – for example the compressed air system, the IT power supply and the lighting.

United in support of climate protection

At MECU, everyone plays their part in the process: the employees are committed to using water and energy resources sparingly, they have the option of leasing electric bikes, management makes business journeys using an electric car and any business flights that need to be taken are offset through a CO2 compensation scheme. What is more, as part of the “Ökoprofit” (Eco-profit) consultancy programme run by the district of Mettmann, in which MECU participated in 2015, the company has adopted a set of measures that will reduce CO2 emissions by 37.5 tonnes annually: the lighting in the administration department and in the warehouse has been switched to LED technology, the compressed air generation system, the air conditioning in the server room and water heating system have been made more efficient, power strips have been installed to turn off IT equipment at the end of the working day and invoices and delivery notes are now only printed double-sided. Subsequent to taking part in the “Ökoprofit” consultancy, a six-member environment team was set up at MECU to discuss sustainability issues and develop new ideas on a regular basis. This resulted, for example, in the concept of taking back wooden packaging material and reusing it for packaging wherever possible.

Mobility powered by the sun

Even though MECU already purchases certified green electricity to cover 100 per cent of its needs, in the long term the company plans to meet its energy demands using its own decentralised renewable energy installations. At the start of 2018, two solar power facilities will therefore be installed at the company’s two sites in Velbert. At the same time, charging stations will be set up at these sites, so that the zero-emission electricity can be used directly for the employees’ and the company’s electric cars.

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“The time has come for us, as entrepreneurs, to take responsibility for our environment and the resources it provides. It is not acceptable for us to wait until some law is issued at some point by the higher echelons of government to force us to do what we have known is necessary for a long time.”

Sabine Lindner-Möller, Managing Director

Partners and sponsors

Counselling centers:
  • Ökoprofit
  • Effizienz-Agentur NRW (EFA)
  • iNeG

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