Landhaus Beckmann: A sustainable break on the Lower Rhine

Landhaus Beckmann country hotel in Kalkar proves that climate protection measures can be much more diverse than just saving electricity: the family-run business approaches climate protection in a holistic way – from energy generation to its consumption and right up to the climate-friendly range of dishes on the menu. By implementing many small measures Landhaus Beckmann ensures that its guests enjoy a break that is sustainable and works tirelessly to reduce further CO2 emissions.

The 4-star hotel, Landhaus Beckmann, which has its own restaurant, is located in Kalkar on the Lower Rhine. The hotel and restaurant have been a family-run business for generations. Managing Director Michael Große Holteforth and his team have implemented a range of measures intended to improve efficiency and they constantly work to increase the sustainability of their business. The energy-saving measures include a small, efficient cogeneration plant which provides electricity and heat for the hotel and restaurant.

Climate protection objective:

  • Exchange of the diesel vehicle for an electric company car
  • Creating an organic herb garden in the grounds of the hotel
  • Increasing the number of vegan dishes on the menu
  • Changeover to purchasing green electricity

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Photo: Landhaus Beckmann

By implementing many small measures Landhaus Beckmann ensures that its guests enjoy a break that is sustainable. 

If the amount of electricity generated is not enough to meet its needs, the Landhaus purchases the remainder from an external provider – and in future this will consist entirely of green electricity. The lighting in the whole building has already been changed over to LED or energy-saving light bulbs. Motion sensors ensure that the lighting only switches on when it is actually needed. In terms of household appliances such as dish washers, washing machines and dryers, only water- and energy-efficient appliances are used. Some of them have an internal heat recovery system.

Environmentally-friendly transport

There are charging stations for electric bikes and electric cars in the grounds of the Landhaus and these can be used by guests and staff. The company’s own diesel vehicle will be exchanged for an electric company car this year. Guests can also borrow bicycles through the Lower Rhine rental programme, so that they can explore the area in a climate-friendly way. The cut flowers for the restaurant and the hotel business all come from the local area, thereby avoiding long delivery journeys. In terms of the dishes on offer in the restaurant, Landhaus Beckmann also makes sure that the products are predominantly sourced locally. One speciality of the restaurant is its focus on vegan dishes. Landhaus Beckmann is planning to gradually expand its menu in this respect and is therefore to create its own herb and vegetable garden this year.

Official certification of sustainability measures

Landhaus Beckmann has been awarded the “Green Sign” quality label, which is the official certificate of sustainable management in the hotel industry. Among other aspects, the assessment criteria include regionality, resource conservation and social responsibility. Regular inspections ensure that participant hotels are able to constantly improve their efforts towards sustainability – and this is what Landhaus Beckmann keeps doing.

Photo: Landhaus Beckmann

"Operating in a sustainable way is a continuous process and it covers the many small decisions where you nearly always have the option of making a more sustainable choice. We are happy to do this, convinced that we are doing the right thing for our future, but also in order to position and differentiate our business accordingly."
Michael Große Holtforth, Owner and Managing Director