Cleaning service Werner Scheene: Clean on the go

Building cleaners have to be mobile. Gebäudereinigung Werner Scheene from Hagen relies on climate-friendly mobility. If the employees are not using public transport, they are already covering two thirds of the routes using electric cars – and this should be up to 100 per cent soon.

The building cleaners at Werner Scheene from Hagen often take the bus or train. Most work trips can be made using public transport and for the rest a fleet of ten vehicles is available. Since 2012, the Scheene company has been changing over to electric drives: Five of the vehicles are already e-vehicles powered by 100 per cent green electricity. To date, Scheene's building cleaners have already covered around 150,000 kilometres electrically – in a climate-friendly manner.

Climate protection objective:

  • commissioning a second photovoltaic system (10kW) with a battery storage unit
  • replacement of two cars with electric cars

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Photo: Siegfried Riemann

Electric mobility is demonstrated in practice and presented as a positive example – with vehicle stickers and on the website.

Target: Becoming Carbon Neutral – Because It Is Easily Done

In the medium term, the cleaning service wants to become a carbon neutral company. Plain and simple, "because it is technically feasible without any problems", as Managing Director Hans Peter Scheene explains. The economic benefits, which are actually the main reason for the conversion, are an additional advantage: If one takes the tax benefits into consideration, the e-vehicles will be amortised within five years in comparison to petrol and diesel alternatives. Lower maintenance costs and cheaper running of the vehicles play their part in the calculation.

Clean Power for All

The second pillar on the route to being carbon neutral is photovoltaics: Since 2012, Gebäudereinigung Werner Scheene has been operating its own photovoltaic system with a nominal capacity of 7.2 kilowatts. The company uses the solar electricity directly to charge the e-vehicles. Soon, Scheene will be making its own charging column available to the public free of charge.

Advertising for E-mobility

The company is also involved in making electric mobility known: on its own web site, with stickers on the vehicles and soon via the public charging column too. Managing Director Hans Peter Scheene also appears as a speaker at e-mobility events and reports on his own experiences.

Second PV System and Two E-Vehicles Planned for 2016

In both areas, the company is further pursuing its carbon neutrality target: A second PV system with a nominal capacity of 10 kilowatts and a battery storage unit are planned. True to the motto "Every new vehicle is an e-car", the next two electric cars are likely to be added in 2016.

Photo: Werner Scheene GmbH

"The buildings do not come to us. We travel a lot and want to do this in the most climate-friendly manner"

Hans Peter Scheene, Managing Director