Elektro Koppen: Climate protection in the area of electricity

Through sustainability, the trade business Elektro Koppen is supporting energy efficiency and climate protection – and is thus successfully making provision for the future. The latest technologies are also used and trialled in the company’s own office and warehouse buildings so it can always give customers the best possible advice. And, in line with the firm’s commitment to climate protection, its transport is now also increasingly electrified.

Elektro Koppen was founded in Oberhausen back in 1964. Nevertheless, the firm’s focus is not on tradition, but innovation. Thanks to modern business management and a logical emphasis on cutting-edge technology, the company has succeeded in growing from 20 to 65 employees in the last ten years. Its services include the fields of building automation, electrical and air-conditioning systems, plus data systems and security technology. Scrutinising the energy efficiency of the products it sells and offering appropriate advice to its customers are at the heart of its approach.

Climate protection objective:

  • own PV system (6-12 kWp)
  • switching 2 vehicles to e-mobility

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Photo: Elektro Koppen

The first electric car at the firm’s own charging station. 

Climate protection pioneer

Elektro Koppen does not only advocate energy efficiency and climate protection by others, but also leads by example within the company itself. For this reason, it tackled the deficiencies in its own office and warehouse buildings, step by step. Whether LED lighting, the latest building management system, a low temperature hot water boiler, thermal insulation or new glazing – the latest technologies are used on site and subjected to thorough testing. The firm also has expertise in air-conditioning and photovoltaic systems.

Sustainability as company culture

Sustainability is a core element of Elektro Koppen’s mission statement and is now an integral part of its company culture. The firm has been certified as an “ÖKOPROFIT” (eco-profit) business since 2006; it uses green electricity and has set itself the goal of minimising gas consumption and becoming carbon neutral in terms of its electricity consumption. The company is also very active and engaged in the community – in its dealings with its own employees and as a supporter of schools, clubs and social organisations in the region.

New measures for even greater efficiency

It is a matter of course for the business to always think one step ahead. At least once a year, Elektro Koppen sets itself additional new goals for efficiency and climate protection. In addition to the ongoing work on and in the building, there are currently two major projects: the installation of the company’s own photovoltaic system and the introduction of electric vehicles to the 35-vehicle-strong transport fleet. The first electric car is already on the road and is refuelled at the company’s own charging post. This way, Elektro Koppen continues at full speed towards its climate protection goal.

Photo: Elektro Koppen

“Our aim is to convey our skills and specialist expertise to our customers, to explain the need for electrical installations to be safe – and to ensure that they are, to be there for our customers in an emergency and to offer them quality and service, as well as individual solutions. We are convinced that this aim can be best achieved by setting qualified personnel, the latest technologies, proven experience and reliability as firm priorities. We want to achieve this sustainably, efficiently and in an eco-friendly manner.”

Tobias Koppen, Managing Director

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