Dibella GmbH: Climate-friendly table cloths

Dibella GmbH from Bocholt maintains sustainability standards not just with its textile products. The company has arranged its production and business trip processes to be almost climate neutral too. Now the company is going a few couple of steps further: back into the process chain.

At Dibella GmbH, KlimaExpo.NRW joins an extensive list of honours:
As the first company in its field with a sustainability report, the textile maker also engages intensively with questions pertaining to social responsibility: Dibella has signed the "Utopia Changemaker Manifesto" and works closely with the MaxTexin Association, founded in 2014, which represents the interests of sustainable textile companies.

Climate protection objective:

  • compensation for the CO2 emissions from supplier transports
  • CO2 reduction in the initial steps along the process chain
  • implementation period: 2015

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Photo: Dibella

Production and energy supply system almost carbon neutral

This focus on sustainability is also reflected in the company's core processes. The current CO2 Report for 2014 already proves extensive climate neutrality. By producing its own energy from renewable energy sources and by purchasing green energy, Dibella is already able to cover its energy requirements and heat consumption to be carbon neutral. Only the emissions from the air-conditioning systems still weigh slightly on the balance.

Compensation for all business trips – from employees to suppliers

The CO2 emissions of the company fleet and business trips are fully compensated for by the company. The largest share of this by far is attributable to transports by suppliers. This, however, can hardly be influenced by a small company. Nevertheless, Dibella has also been compensating for these deliveries since 2015. It is even supporting its employees with travelling to and from work in a climate-friendly manner. And because every little bit helps, Dibella is also trying to significantly reduce the relatively low emissions from paper and water consumption as well as generated waste.

Dibella is following the process chain

But there is always more to do. Because of this, Dibella has been tracing the carbon footprint of its products right along the process chain together with ClimatePartner and in doing so has laid the foundations for even further climate protection: Dibella has investigated how it can effect a turn around in the areas associated with "larger effects" – and has set clear targets for these. Impressive for a company with just 26 employees – including what has already been reached.

Photo: Dibella

"The goal of the Dibella Group is to demand sustainable actions in all areas of business activity and to underpin these with our own processes,"

says Ralf Hellmann, Managing Director.

Partners and sponsors

Counselling centers:
  • Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales, Europäischer Sozialfonds