Using waste heat from production processes to heat public buildings

Steel is durable, resilient and easy to shape, making it by far the most important construction material for many sectors of industry. Steel production is, however, extremely energy-intensive. The steel tube manufacturer BENTELER Steel/Tube is aware of its ecological responsibility and is not only working flat out to reduce its in-house energy consumption, but at the same time is using its resources to make efficient use of energy outside of the company.

BENTELER is a company with operations all over the world, which develops, manufactures and distributes products, systems and services for the automotive, energy and engineering sectors. The BENTELER Steel/Tube Division is part of the internationally active BENTELER Group and produces high-quality seamless and welded steel tubes. The company, which has seven factories in Germany, Switzerland and the United States, has its headquarters in Paderborn-Schloss Neuhaus.

Climate protection objective:

  • Recovery of waste heat to supply the public district heating network
  • 1.5 per cent reduction of specific energy consumption at the Schloss Neuhaus plant

Time frame: by mid/end 2019

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Photo: BENTELER International AG

BENTELER Steel/Tube is part of the internationally active BENTELER Group and produces high-quality seamless and welded steel tubes for use in the engineering, automotive and energy sectors.

Efficient production processes and eco-friendly technology

Climate protection and resource conservation are firmly rooted in the company’s standards of conduct and corporate guidelines. To safeguard these two areas, the Paderborn-Schloss Neuhaus site is certified according to the ISO 14001 and ISO 50.001 environmental and energy management standards. In addition, the company works tirelessly to optimise its existing processes. Based on a detailed study of furnaces in the heating operation, it was possible to introduce significant efficiency measures over recent years, particularly, for example, in the billet preheating furnace at the production plant in Paderborn-Schloss Neuhaus. These measures include optimising the regulation of furnace pressure, improving the use and recovery of waste heat and optimising other processes. The company thereby reduces the burden on the environment and actively contributes to resource conservation.

Waste heat fed into the Paderborn district heating network

BENTELER links economic activity with corporate responsibility. The company is committed to this approach at its production sites. From 2019, the BENTELER Steel/Tube Division will collaborate with the city of Paderborn to use the waste heat from its process furnaces to supply the public heating network. The company and the city are making a joint investment in the infrastructure to recover waste heat at the Schloss Neuhaus site and feed it into the Paderborn district heating network. In future, schools, sports centres, a city-owned administrative building, a police station, the public indoor swimming pool and the Neuhaus episcopal palace will all be heated in this way.

The company is also constantly reducing its own energy consumption by implementing measures to improve the use of waste heat, reduce radiation losses and optimise its industrial furnaces.

Photo: BENTELER International AG

"For BENTELER, economic success is directly related to corporate responsibility – for our employees, for society and, of course, for our environment. That is why climate protection and resource conservation form an integral part of our business activities and are included in our corporate strategy."

Andre Sombecki, CFO BENTELER Steel/Tube