B&W Energy: Climate protection as a corporate philosophy

The energy transition demands smart solutions and a change of thinking in terms of energy supply. These are precisely the challenges that B&W Energy GmbH & Co.KG addresses, developing energy concepts for the future and at the same time setting an example for others. The company, which operates on a national level, focuses in particular on renewable energy and sets great store by climate-friendly processes and sustainability in its everyday operations. Amongst other things, they are now going to enhance their repertoire by installing more charging stations for their electric service vehicles.

This medium-sized company in Heiden has already been working in the field of renewable energy for the past 15 years. As well as planning ready-to-use energy supply concepts for private homes and for industrial and commercial applications, their activities include marketing and operating power plants. For example, B&W Energy has already installed 6,800 photovoltaic systems and 300 electricity storage units, amongst other things. Their commitment to climate protection goes beyond their business activity, however. The company guidelines set out the vision of a “worthwhile life for everyone”. The installation firm understands this to mean safeguarding finite resources and, linked to this, using renewable sources of energy – so the incentive for climate protection is firmly embedded in the company and this commitment is put into practice and conveyed to others in its day-to-day business. For example, school classes and other interested visitors can take part in guided tours of the solar roof, of a neighbouring biogas plant and of a wind farm, which is located in the direct vicinity of the company.

Climate protection objective:

  • Installation of eight more charging stations with a total of 16 charging points on company premises in the course of 2018

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Photo: B&W Energy GmbH & Co.KG

Company headquarters in Heiden

Carbon neutral energy supply

“With the solutions that we offer, we have to know whether and how the technology works.” – This is the motto under which B&W Energy operates. The company has installed solar panels with a total capacity of 400 kilowatt peak on the roofs of their office building, on their warehouses and also on a neighbouring wood processing plant. This facility produces around 350,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year. The company needs almost 100,000 kilowatt-hours on an annual basis and feeds the remainder into the public grid. In 2011, a lead-acid battery with a capacity of 96 kilowatt-hours was installed as part of the system in order to increase the company’s own use of the electricity produced on site. Furthermore, a heating and climate-control unit with a heat pump provides both heating and air-conditioning for the company buildings. With the help of these measures, the company has become 90 per cent self-sufficient in terms of electricity and heating. If it needs electricity which cannot be provided by the PV system or battery at any time, it purchases certified green electricity so that a carbon neutral energy supply is guaranteed at company headquarters.

Promoting electromobility

The vehicle fleet at the company in the Münsterland is also climate-friendly in structure: as well as two fully-electric vehicles, ten plug-in hybrid vans have recently joined the fleet. In order to ensure that these vehicles can be charged easily in future, the company is installing eight more charging stations over the course of this year, with a total of 16 charging points, in addition to the publicly accessible charging point that is already available on company premises.

Photo: B&W Energy GmbH & Co.KG

"B&W Energy has been successfully installing photovoltaic systems since 2003. Our business model is evolving increasingly in the direction of integrated energy concepts, i.e. the smart linking of the electricity, heating and transport sectors. We are implementing this policy at in-company and external levels."

Anton Wissing, shareholder and advisory board member, B&W Energy GmbH & Co.KG